Nutrition and Dietetics Unit

The Nutrition and Dietetics Unit of Hospital La Paloma, has been created with the purpose of offering the patient a totally personalised nutritional dietary service, through which he will receive dietary advice, treatment and education on healthy eating habits.

All this taking into account the physiological needs, personal preferences, cultural background to perform a prevention and / or recovery of a pathological processes.

What does the Nutrition and Dietetics Unit offer?

This unit offers a personalised weight loss service, favouring a healthy weight reduction avoiding the dreaded rebound effect, while maintaining a healthy, natural, balanced, tailored to your needs and culinary preferences diet.

The clinical nutrition service offers this service to those patients who suffer from diseases in which an adequate diet is part of the treatment. It also offers advice and monitoring of vegan, vegetarian, etc. diets.

A consultations development

In a first consultation, the patient’s history and dietary treatment are created, depending on the presence of a pathological process or an objective to be achieved.

In addition, the following is done:

  • Eating habits will be valued
  • A study is made of the body composition in which we will measure the weight, the different body compartments such as fat, musculature, visceral fat and body water.
  • The nutritional errors of the patients will be identified.

Finally, they will recommend the most appropriate diet to achieve a balanced, adequate and healthy diet. Its objective will be a recovery and/or prevention of the pathological processes present or achieve optimal and healthy results in those with overweight and obesity.

Patient Benefits

Offering the patient of external consultations as well as the hospital patient the possibility of adding to their treatment to prevent or treat pathologies:

  • Comprehensive nutritional dietary advice and treatment
  • Preparation of a nutritional dietary plan, adapted to the evolution of the pathologies and recommendations after hospital discharge.

This is a multidisciplinary unit where the patient will feel fully accompanied and advised by a single team of health professionals, fully communicated and with a single objective; the patient’s treatment.

Feeding as part of the treatment

The dietitian acts on the eating of healthy or sick people (in this case after the medical diagnosis), taking into account the physiological or pathological needs, as well as personal and cultural preferences.

The clinical nutrition service is offered to patients suffering from diseases in which an adequate diet is part of the treatment such as dyslipidemia, hypertension, obesity and overweight, bariatric surgery, digestive intolerances, oncological pathology, chemotherapy treatment and / or radiotherapy, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes, irritable bowel, etc.

Weight loss program

The weight loss program that takes place in the Nutrition and Dietetics Unit includes:

  • Study of body composition, accurately measuring your ideal weight, BMI,% body fat, and % muscle, through advanced bioimpedance.
  • Study of eating habits.
  • Healthy lifestyle recommendations.
  • Personalized diet elaboration
  • Track visits according to needs.