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La Paloma, the hospital that responds

At Hospital La Paloma we have been servicing our patients for over 50 years. Since the foundation of our hospital in 1965, our main objective has always been to achieve medical service excellence.   

Our patients know that by coming to Hospital La Paloma, they will receive the best treatment and, this is why, we are considered one of the best medical centres in the Canary Islands. 


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Reasons to choose us

Reference centre in the Canary Islands

After several updates and remodelling, we incorporate new services to adapt to the demand. by patients, of top-quality health services. 

Integral Care

Due to the fact that we have specialists in almost all medical areas, we offer our patients comprehensive care. 

Modern facilities

La Paloma has perfectly conditioned areas with renovated materials, updated technology and the necessary equipment to perform in an optimal way. 

Experienced medical team

Our hospital has more than 50 years of experience and a team of highly qualified medical professionals acknowledged at national level. 

External consultations and emergencies (A&E)

We focus our patients’ attention through external consultations or through the 24H emergency service (A&E). 

Medical-surgical service

Hospital La Paloma offers a general medical-surgical service that highlights our ability to detect and respond to all types of pathologies. 

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928 23 44 66

928 23 44 66

Any question? Call us

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