La Paloma, the hospital that responds

Hospital La Paloma is located in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, specifically in Ciudad Jardín’s neighborhood, in a building designed for a hospital. This shows in its infrastructure, quality of services, equipment and training and experience of its professionals.  

La Paloma is located at the forefront of Canary Islands hospital centres. We can affirm, without any fear of mistake, that Hospital La Paloma always responds to the needs of its patients. La Paloma has perfectly conditioned areas with renovated materials and equipment, updated technology and the necessary tools for an optimal performance. 

  • 100 hospital beds 
  • Intensive medicine unit with 6 beds and isolation box 
  • Clinical analysis Laboratory 
  • Pathology Laboratory 
  • Operating room area 
  • Next generation image diagnosis
  • Multi-slice CT
    • High field magnetic resonances
    • Conventional radiology
    • Conventional ultrasound & 4D
    • Mammograms 

All medical specialties 

At Hospital La Paloma, we have all medical, surgical and laboratory specialties available for our patients. 

These units have first-class technologies and are composed of specialised medical personnel in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of pathologies and conditions in their area. In addition, La Paloma enhances collaboration and cooperation between the different units in order to optimise the diagnosis and treatment of the patient.  

Medical units Hospital La Paloma: 

  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Service 
  • Special Care Unit (ICU) 
  • 24H Emergency Unit (A&E) 
  • Traffic Injury Unit (A&E)  
  • Diabetic Foot Unit 
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology Unit 
  • Internal Medicine Unit 
  • Pain Unit  
  • Urology Unit 
  • Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology 
  • Unit of clinical analysis and pathological anatomy 
  • Radiology and diagnostic imaging unit 
  • Allergology Unit 
  • Heart failure unit 
  • Unit of nutrition and dietetics 
  • Psychopedagogy Unit 

Hospital care 

Hospital La Paloma has top-level human and technical resources to offer a integral attention to its patients. This allows for an accurate diagnosis of the patients’ ailments and helps carry out the appropriate treatment for each pathology. 

Hospital care’s two possibilities: 

  • External consultation Service 

External consultation provides the patient with all the Medical specialities necessary for complete care. 

  • 24H urgent attention  

The hospital has a 24H A&E area, with the tools necessary to assist any urgency for both patients with common diseases as for road accident injuries.  

Images of our facilities