Our Story

La Paloma Hospital, 1965, founded Mr. Luis del Campo Olavarría and Dr. Óscar Jiménez. Initially as a private clinic, specialising in obstetrics and gynecology, La Paloma immediately becomes one of the most complete in Spain. 

To adapt to the growing demand for quality health services by today’s society, La Paloma was forced to expand its services to other medical specialties, consolidating itself as a comprehensive health center where any type of disease is diagnosed and treated. After a great modernisation and in recognition of the great improvement that has resulted in our services, La Paloma Clinic opens in 2005 to be La Paloma Hospital. 

The new name of Hospital La Paloma is part of the process of strategic redefinition that we have been carrying out for several years and that involves a rigorous plan for the renovation and expansion of our facilities and the incorporation of state-of-the-art technology to place our center at the top end of the sanitary specialisation. 

Nowadays, we dedicate our efforts to the diagnosis and treatment of patients, without forgetting aspects as important as research or teaching. Our goal is to offer comprehensive care. 

The Hospital La Paloma is now placed at the forefront of the hospital infrastructures of Las Palmas with a general medical-surgical service that covers most medical specialties and which highlights our ability to detect and respond to all types of pathologies.