Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Service

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is the medical speciality that prevents, diagnosis and treat the disabled, focused on facilitating, maintaining or returning the greatest functionality to the injury. 

A hospital’s rehabilitation service 

The existence of these services is key for those patients, that at some point in their recovery processes, can cease to be so or can cope with fewer limitations and dependencies. 

Rehabilitation also provides alternatives to mitigate pain associated to injuries and diseases. It is based on performing physical exercises and applying techniques that use, among other resources, physical means such as electric currents, water, etc.

Hospital La Paloma’s Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Service 

At Hospital La Paloma, patients of any medical and surgical speciality after being evaluated by the rehabilitation doctor are welcomed to the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation service. 

Once transferred to this service the patient will be attended throughout the process by a professional team composed of physiotherapists, rehabilitation assistants and a specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. 

Techniques in the rehabilitation treatment 

The conventional techniques that are applied in this service are: 

  • Massage therapy 
  • Electrotherapy 
  • Magnetotherapy 
  • Thermotherapy, cryotherapy 
  • Manual therapy 
  • Program and muscle enhancement material

These specialised training techniques also apply: 

  • Dry Puncture 
  • Diacutaneous fibrolysis 
  • Shock waves

Assistance area 

Finally, it should be noted that there are various health problems that can be addressed in units for the recovery of patients. Here are some examples worth mentioning: 

Cardiorespiratory rehabilitation 

The objectives are to return and / or improve the function in numerous pathologies of the heart and lung through specific exercises attended by the physiotherapist. The most frequent are chronic heart and respiratory insufficiency; myocardial infarction, etc. Through these means, with low intensity exercise, it is possible to reduce the sensation of respiratory difficulty or fatigue.

Neurological rehabilitation 

Neurological rehabilitation is key in the pathologies that involve an acquired brain damage, among the most common treated in this service, include: strokes, head injury, etc. 

Also some neuromuscular diseases are studied. The objective strives for the early recovery of brain injury with specialised and duly updated physiotherapy techniques. 

Sport injuries and Rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system 

The pains and disorders addressed here are in the spine zone as well as in the upper and lower extremities, such as rickets, vertebral disorders, rheumatic diseases, or degenerative diseases, among others. 

Sport injuries happen during the practice of a sport or physical exercise, due to poor technique, incorrect training or the use of inappropriate equipment. Among the most common, muscle (torn and / or broken muscles, contractures) and joints injuries (soft tissue involvement such as distension and / or rupture of ligaments, inflammation of bursa, tendinopathies, etc).