Internal Medicine Service

Hospital La Paloma has an Internal Medicine Service that guarantees the best care for adult patients. This medical speciality addresses the health problems of patients admitted to a hospital centre or located in external consultations. In this Unit our specialists will fully assess the patient, acting immediately against the pathology that he suffers and in constant coordination with the rest of the specialists involved in the disease’s approach. 

The Internal Medicine Service of Hospital La Paloma offers its patients a comprehensive approach to patients during their stay at the centre. The internist is a general practitioner, with specialist training, whose main work space is the hospital. The internist is the axis of clinical attention, leading the patient through the successive diagnostic or therapeutic procedures, with a global approach. This specialist prioritises the patient’s needs and establishes the most appropriate procedures to solve or deal with their health problems. This Internal Medicine service works closely with other medical specialties in a very close way. 

General Practitioner and Medical Specialist’s differences in Internal Medicine 

The main difference is that the General Practitioner (GP) is the family doctor, who works in the health center and whom the patient addresses when he has a cold or needs to be referred to a medical speciality such as traumatology. Likewise, general medicine cares for all types of patients, regardless of age or sex. 

The Internist is a hospital medical speciality that only serves adults Is a clinician who deals with all the health problems that patients have. The GP can refer to the internist of the hospital. Internal medicine is based on treating the patient comprehensively in relation to their health problems and coordinates, guides and takes care of the patient. 

The Internist Doctor assumes the responsibility and follow-up of the patient from the point of entering the hospital’s outpatient department, through all the areas of specialisation, until his leave. He has a global overview of the patient to synthesise and issue diagnosis. 

Specialised health personnel 

The internists at Hospital La Paloma are experts in the care of complicated patients pathologies, whose diagnosis is complex and who are sometimes affected by various diseases which affect various organs or systems of the body, adding even more difficulty to the diagnosis. 

Our specialists and the rest of the health personnel assigned to the Service are perfectly trained to carry out functions such as the control of cardiovascular risk factors, infectious diseases, congestive heart failure, venous thromboembolic disease and numerous rheumatic autoimmune diseases.  

A medical team trained with the latest advances 

The staff of Hospital de La Paloma, integrated in its Internal Medicine Service, are trained in the latest medical advances. Like studies and researches, annually presented in Congresses and published in leading scientific journals. 


Internal Medicine Service Units 

  • Cardiovascular Risk Factor Unit. 
  • Pluri-pathological and Polymedicated Patient Unit. 
  • Study of Anemias Unit. 
  • Study of Constitutional Syndrome Unit. 
  • Periodic medical checks Unit. 

Specialised consultations of the Internal Medicine Unit 

  • General Medical Check 
  • Diabetes and Obesity Consultation 
  • Heart Failure Consultation 
  • Thyroid Consultation 
  • Liver Diseases Consultation 
  • Multi-pathological patients Consultation